Fall Guys Season 2 Battle Pass Awards


Fall Guys has had a very successful relaunch since the game became free. In just one season, Fall Guys saw a peak of 20 million online players at launch.

So, the first season of F2P Fall Guys has come to an end, and the second begins. The new season is called Satellite Scramble and includes science fiction themed rounds and costumes.

With the new season comes a new combat pass. The original Fall Guys battle pass has been criticized both for its shaky progress and for its prizes, so hopefully Mediatonic’s second attempt will go more smoothly. The Battle Pass rewards currently offered are listed below:

Awards of the Fall Guys Season 2 Free Combat Pass

Level 2: Monochrome Color Level 3: Leap for Fallkind Faceplate Level 5: Cheeky Saucer Costume Level 7: Monochrome Faceplate Level 9: Crown and Toe Pattern Level 10: Xenomorph Nickname Level 12: 100 Show-Bucks Level 14: 200 Fame Level 15: Starry Eyed Specs Costume Level 17: Brilliant Space Travelers Level 18: Banana Coloring Level 20: 200 Praises Level 21: Star Cheeks Pattern Level 23: Banana split Faceplate Level 26: 200 Praises Level 27: Tubular Straps Suit Level 28: Nickname “Shooting Star” Level 30: Crater Pattern Level 33: Nameplate on the main frame Level 36: 300 Awards Level 37: Lavender Field Color Level 39: Lavender Field Faceplate Level 40: Stretched Pattern Level 42: Nickname “Four Out of Eight” Level 44: Venusian Death Eaters Costume Level 45: Space Bound Nameplate Level 47: Nickname Astrobean Level 48: Circuitous Pattern Level 50: 300 Respect Level 53: Sapling Color Level 56: 100 Show-Bucks Level 58: Pattern Supernova Level 60: 300 Respect Level 63: Red Alert Plate Level 66: Hex- Earth Nickname Level 69: Cotton Candy Color Level 72: 400 Respect Level 75: Fallopy Disk Nameplate Level 76: Cosmic Dust Pattern Level 79: 400 Respect Level 80: Nickname in Defiance of Gravity Level 82: Retro Moon Nameplate Level 84: Asteroid Pattern Level 87: 400 Glory Level 89: Hungry Tungling Costume Level 91: Pattern of a Satellite Engineer Level 93: Nickname Blunderland Level 95: Crabby Cappy Costume Level 96: Pattern of Hypnorings Level 100: 100 Show Bucks Levels 101-131: Crown Fragments Levels 134-164: Crown Fragments Levels 167-198: Fragments of the Crown

Awards for a paid Fall Guys Season 2 battle pass.

Level 1: Nyandroid X Costume, Top and Bottom Level 4: Zero G Emotion Level 6: Chestburster Celebration Level 8: Xenomorph Nameplate Level 11: Xenomorph Costume Bottom Level 13: Xenomorph Top Costume Level 16: 100 Show-Bucks Level 19: Space Scanner Emotion Level 22: Alien Operator Costume Lower Level 24: 100 Show Bucks Level 25: Alien Operator Suit Upper Level 29: K-2-PILA Rear Suit Lower Level 31: K-2-PILA Rear Suit Upper Level 32: K-2 -PILA Mid Suit Upper Level 34: 100 Show Bucks Level 35: K-2-PILA Front Suit Upper Level 38: Live Long and Prosper Nameplate Level 41: 100 Show Bucks Level 43: Hugh Borg Mask Level 46: Live Long and Prosper Emotion Level 49: Spock Costume Lower Level 51: 100 Show Bucks Level 52: Spock Costume Upper Level 54: Sapling Faceplate Level 55: Celebration of Saucer Shenanigans Level 57: Chrome Strike Blasters Level 59: Dizzy Dynamo Costume Bottom Level 61: 100 Show Bucks Level 62: Dizzy Dynamo Costume Top Level 64: Star Costume Pattern Level 65: 100 Show Tank ks Level 67: Rocket Rucksack Suit Level 68: Planet Pop Soda Belt Suit Level 70: Cotton Candy Faceplate Level 71: Robot Wrangler Suit Lower Level 73: 100 Show-Bucks Level 74: Robot Wrangler Suit Upper Level 77: 100 Show-Bucks Level 78: Running Bean Emotion Level 81: 100 Show-Bucks Level 83: Absolute Idol Costume Lower Level 85: 100 Show Bucks Level 86: Absolute Idol Costume Upper Level 88: Cider Stripe Color Level 90: Cider Stripe Faceplate Level 92: Celebration of Blunderland Level 94: Blunderland Nameplate Level 97: 100 Show-Bucks Level 98: Hatsune Miku Costume, Lower Level 99: Hatsune Miku Costume, Upper Level 132: Whirlybean Costume, Lower Level 133: Whirlybean Costume, Upper Level 165: Hidey Insidey Costume, Lower Level 166: Hidey Insidey Costume Upper Level 199: Lower Niandroid Omega Costume Level 200: Upper the Niandroid Omega Suit

Fall Guys is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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