Fall Guys is the most downloaded PS Plus (PS4) game


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the most downloaded game from PlayStation Plus of all time, according to a tweet from the official PlayStation account on Wednesday (26).

The game is the biggest free phenomenon among PS Plus subscribers as it outperforms other hits, such as Rocket League and even Call of Duty titles, although numbers have not been revealed. On Steam (PC), where it is available for R $ 37.99, the game has sold over 7 million units. Remember that you can download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on your computer or PlayStation 4 (PS4), with your free version of PS Plus until the end of August.

Developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital, Fall Guys is a kind of Battle Royale, but with a different theme that resembles the “Faustão Olympics”. At the start of each game, 60 players are tested in different challenges such as obstacle courses and mini-games to push balls or steal tails. In each round, fewer and fewer survivors in the dispute are classified. In the end, they compete against each other to try to become the big winner who gets a golden crown.

One of the sources of great appeal of the game is that it is quite accessible thanks to the simple gameplay. Players can only jump, dive and hold opponents, without any great tricks to go faster or gain an advantage over others. The chaotic nature of the game also ensures that not always the most skilled competitor will win, but also the luckier.

As soon as Fall Guys was released on August 4, the same date on which it was made available for free on PS Plus, the game had over 1.5 million players in the first 24 hours. The unexpected demand meant that the game servers couldn’t handle it at first and many users had connection problems. Currently the situation seems normalized, but the producer Mediatonic has provided tools for players to monitor the status of the server.

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