Fall Guys is the most downloaded game in PS Plus history


The popular game Fall Guys never ceases to amaze, now it is the most downloaded title in the history of PlayStation Plus

Fall Guys is a huge hit on both PlayStation 4 and Steam, and according to a post today, the popular game has earned the title of the most downloaded in PlayStation Plus history.

It is important to remember that Fall Guys at its launch on both Steam and PlayStation Plus was one of the free games during the month of August, which helped a lot to boost its popularity.

For all those who do not know this great game, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is developed by Mediatonic, and it is a battle royale that changes the rules of the genre by replacing the shots with a series of mini-games, which are starred by some beans colored, reminiscent of the famous Jelly Beans that can have a large number of costumes and at the same time suffer from very serious balance problems

Fall Guys is the new download champion

Fall Guys has become extremely popular due to its simplicity and dynamic rhythm, which has propelled it to be a huge success on both consoles and PC, as well as becoming one of the most popular games on Twitch.

Fall Guys is undoubtedly a watershed in the video game and digital entertainment industry, to the extent that a large number of apocryphal games begin to emerge that seek to imitate the experience that has captivated millions of players around the world.

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There have also been fraud attempts with an alleged mobile version that does not exist to date and that Mediatonic itself through a tweet has indicated that it is a scam, so it alerts all players not to fall into such deceptions.

Every day the popularity of Fall Guys continues to grow, so it is believed that not only will it break records on PlayStation Plus, perhaps in a short time the same will happen on Steam.


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