Fall Guys is Delayed On Xbox and Switch, But Will Come With Crossplay


Fall Guys: Developer Mediatonic has announced that the version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles has been postponed. The launch on the platforms was scheduled for the summer of the northern hemisphere, between the months of June and September, but the team changed its plans.

The postponement was due to the purchase of Mediatonic by Epic Games and the company did not provide a new arrival window for Fall Guys on the platforms. With more resources and possibilities, the team intends to invest more time in the versions of the game for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S.

“We are very excited about this news, as our team now has access to a range of new tools that will help improve the experience for all those looking for Crowns, from Blunderdome veterans to novice jelly beans,” explains Mediatonic . “We have no set date at the moment, but we are here and, as soon as we have any news, we will share everything with you.”

Support for crossplay at launch

One of the confirmed new features for Fall Guys on Xbox and Switch is support for crossplay. According to Mediatonic, the delay in the launch will allow support for cross-platform games to be present since the launch in the new versions.

The company did not provide details on other news that are expected to arrive for Fall Guys. However, the company said it will continue to work on new skins and game modes for the game.

When Epic Games announced the purchase of the studio, Mediatonic mentioned that Fall Guys could also receive other functions that are already in games like Fortnite and Rocket League. In addition to crossplay, the developer mentioned that the title can win a system of accounts, ensuring shared progress between platforms, and game modes with squads.

Fall Guys is currently available on PC and PlayStation consoles. Despite being purchased by Epic Games, the computer game is still available only on Steam and can be purchased for R $ 37.99.

The edition for PS4 and PS5 is available digitally for R $ 83.50. The game was distributed free of charge to PlayStation Plus subscribers in August last year and became the most downloaded game in the service’s history.


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