Fall Guys: How to Unlock Pusheen & Super Pushinikorn

For players who love Cats, softness, Unicorns and/or Fall Guys, there is good news: Fall Guys has announced Pusheen and Super Pusheenicorn as new skins available for a limited time. Available for purchase only from Thursday, July 14, to Monday, July 18. Players will be able to buy and wear these adorable cat costumes while running, jumping, hitting and falling off obstacles.
Recently, Fall Guys has been revived thanks to a lot of new content. In addition to releasing time-limited skins like Pushin and his unicorn alter ego, Fall Guys offers challenges, skins from other games and franchises, new Fall Guys game modes, free upgrades, and crossovers to other epic game titles. In addition, Epic Games is working on a level creation mode where players will be able to create and release their own fan-created and probably infuriating levels.
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To get access to the Pusheen and Super Pusheenicorn skins in Fall Guys, players need to spend the in-game Show Bucks currency. In addition to unlocking the Pusheen and Super Pusheenicorn skins, players will also receive a special Pusheen emotion. In the new Pushin emotion, the character of the Fallen Guy paws the air, and then rubs his face with his paw, which is the embodiment of the feline character.
How to buy Pusheen and Super Pusheenicorn in the fall, guys
The Pusheen Pack will cost players 1600 Show Bucks. While it was possible to get Fall Guys skins for free at other events, there will be no game modes or challenges related to Pusheen, so players cannot earn Pusheen skins by playing the game. There are two main ways players can get Show Bucks, the premium currency in Fall Guys:
Buy Show Bucks for real money. 1000 Show Bucks can be purchased in the in-game store. Since players will need 1600 Show Bucks for the Pusheen Pack, they will need to buy two sets of 1000 Show Bucks each, which will cost $15.99. Use the Premium Battle Pass and earn money by playing the game. Playing the game, you will earn Show Bucks, but not for free. The premium Fall Guys battle pass costs money, and even if players devote all their time to earning Show Bucks, their maximum will be 1,500. This means that players will still need to purchase an additional 100 Show Bucks.
Although Pusheen and Super Pusheenicorn are cute, cuddly and as round as the Fall Guys themselves, they can only be bought to unlock. Ever since Fall Guys switched to the free model, offering premium skins like the Pusheen Pack is one of the ways they continue to make money.