Fall Guys: How to Get Prime Gaming Rewards


Prime Gaming subscribers can now claim the new exclusive rewards packages – we show you how to get them all.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Offers New Exclusive Promotion for Prime Gaming Subscribers as Part of the Amazon Prime Service; so much so, that until next May 2021 we can get a unique rewards pack, one per month, linking our player profile with our Prime Gaming account. And the rewards pack for this month of January consists of the Slushie Bear skin and 6,500 kudos for the game; We tell you how to get them on PC and PS4.

Get the Slushie Bear and 6,500 kudos now

Thus, those who want to get the Slushie Bear package must have an active Prime Gaming account. If so, it will only be necessary to access the official website of the Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards and click on the active reward of the month, in this case, Fall Guys Slushie Bear Package, available from January 15 to 15 February. When accessing it, click on the blue Request now button to log into Prime Gaming and then access Fall Guys, either on PC or PS4.

Once in the game, it will be necessary to link the player’s account with that of Amazon Prime Gaming; To do this, go to Settings, select Profile and click on Link Amazon account. At that time you will receive a code to link both accounts through the Amazon Prime Gaming website. Once the code is accepted, both accounts will be linked and the rewards will appear in the game, either in the outfit section in the case of the Slushie Bear skin and in the kudos wallet in the case of the 6,500 kudos.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available for PC and PlayStation 4.


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