Fall Guys Explains How It Will Kill Cheaters


Mediatonic reports the activation of a tool that will try to identify those players who do not comply with the rules of the game.

Mediatonic does not want cheats in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and is finally activating a tool to detect players who violate the rules. The study, which continues trying to assimilate the unexpected success of the video game, does not stop updating the work to end those users who do not respect the rest or who, in the worst case scenario, use external programs to be invincible or attribute advantages to themselves.

“We are very sorry for the problem of cheating!” They have declared in a statement issued on the social network Twitter. “We are going to expand our current detection system this week to improve things,” they add, and make it clear that they have other measures in place that will be revealed soon with the aim of sanitizing the servers and guaranteeing that everyone, without exception, can comfortably play Fall Guys.

Mediatonic prepares a big update for Fall Guys

Now, what system are we talking about? This is the Easy Anti-Cheat system, a software that allows you to apply bans to specific players, without implying that a whole game crashes (especially when it comes to games in groups of up to 60 players). These two systems are what Fortnite uses and, based on the background, it has generated enough trust in Mediatonic to adopt this same model.

Apart from Fortnite, other current video games such as Apex Legends, from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, also use Easy Anti-Cheat with declared success. Hopefully, however, the patch and the major update that implements it will be activated before Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2 begins this October.

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