Fall Guys disable Family Sharing for cheaters


Mediatonic found that some players used this feature to bypass the game’s anti-cheat systems. Done the law done the snare. There is no multiplayer video game that is free from those who take advantage of vulnerabilities to win games undeservedly.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has also been seen and desired against cheaters, a problem that Mediatonic has already taken note of. The study has discovered that some cheaters are using the Steam Family-Sharing feature to circumvent the expulsion system, so they have decided to temporarily disable it.

Family-Sharing is the Steam family loan, which allows you to share your games library with family or friends. “We have discovered that cheaters are using Family-Sharing to avoid our banning system on Steam,” the developer shared on social networks. “They create new accounts and share them with themselves, so unfortunately we’ve had to disable this feature for now. It will help us a lot with cheating! ”, They emphasize.

Changes to your anti-cheat system

From Mediatonic they recently announced that they had improved their cheat detection criteria, so it was no longer necessary for players to individually report offenders. Additionally, in a future patch, the studio will change the way cheaters are blocked. Currently it is necessary to wait for the game to end, but the idea is that it is possible to take more immediate actions.

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