Fall Guys Debuts Crossplay And Finalizes The Switch And Xbox Versions


Fall Guys: The Mediatonic game does not confirm the release date of the new versions, but the development is in the final phase. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. What is not yet known is when it will be released, as it has been delayed indefinitely. Mediatonic has published a statement focused on one of the most anticipated features, cross-play. Taking advantage of this situation, they have referred to the versions for Nintendo and Microsoft consoles. The news? That its development faces the final stretch.

“We know that the news about Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch and Xbox is highly anticipated. We are finalizing the development”, they explain in the statement. Beyond that, they have not reported the release date (2022 was said), although they have recalled that these versions “are still on the way.” Until that time comes, they are “excited” to give players the ability to enable cross-play features on current systems.

Crossplay, how is it?

The new update adds cross-platform lobbies. “This means that you and your friends can form parties while playing Fall Guys, regardless of whether you’re playing on PC or PlayStation.” Remember that before it was possible to do it in the Custom Show loobies, but now it is possible to create them in any of the available playlists.

Following the purchase of Mediatonic by Epic Games, it is necessary to link your Fall Guys account to your Epic account in order to use the “Invite Players” feature. Anyone who has linked the account on their respective platforms will be able to see the friends who play the video game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was quite the phenomenon when it was released on PlayStation and PC. Since then, the game has been updated with new seasons, although it hasn’t recovered the frenetic pace that it achieved in its first weeks on the market.