Fall Guys closes its charity campaign: Ninja, G2 Esports


Mediatonic ends its charity action for the SpecialEffect organization raising a million dollars and giving its winners their own costume.

Two weeks ago, Mediatonic started an ambitious charity campaign for the SpecialEffect organization, all through an online auction through which the winner would receive their own skin or appearance for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as a reward or recognition. . Well, there is already a winner; or winners, rather. And it is that thanks to the union of four entities or people such as Ninja, G2 Esports, Mr. Beast and Aim Lab have managed to raise a million dollars for this cause, with the promise by the creators of the title to receive their own skin for the game.

One million dollars raised

Thus, in the last hours Mediatonic has confirmed through a tweet that the four responsible for said donation have been the winners, surpassing the one that seemed to be the winner, the FGTEEV channel with its $ 510,000. Thus, and just a minute after the charity campaign closed, the final winners burst in, contributing nothing more and nothing less than a million dollars altogether.

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