Fall Guys: best player gets exclusive developer skin


Mediatonic presented the best Fall Guys player with an exclusive skin. The developer took into account the statistics of the players and delivered an outfit still unpublished of a character from the game Portal.

At the time the announcement was made, Mediatonic had suggested not knowing who the player in question was. The discovery came a few hours later, when streamer Dr. Lupo released a video revealing that he was the one who received early access to the skin. Check out the video.

The clothes will be released for the other players to buy on Saturday (22). The announcement that it would be delivered in advance to whoever had the best statistics, happened last Thursday (20). While no one claimed to be the exclusive owner of the skin, the hashtag “The Fallen One” was used on Twitter for the winner to speak up.

As Mediatonic did not disclose the criteria for defining the best Fall Guys player, after streamer Dr. Lupo published the video, some doubts arose about how he was chosen. As it is a streamer, it was speculated that everything was just marketing to attract more players.

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