Fall Guys Becomes PS Plus’s Most Downloaded Game


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which has received unexpected attention since its first release, set an impressive record. PlayStation officials announced that the most downloaded game by PlayStation Plus members is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

A video game developer named Mediatonic, whose name we haven’t heard of until today, released a game called “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” in February. Announced for the first time at E3 2018 events, the game received unexpected attention after its release. Today, any gamer, from the most popular publishers in the world, knows about Fall Guys or plays this game wildly.

It is not known if the developer team predicted that such a great interest in their games would come, but Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the new holder of an impressive record. The version of the game released for PlayStation 4 has managed to be the most downloaded game to date under Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service. PlayStation officials gave this news via Twitter, congratulating the developer team.

The game also managed to sell more than 2 million copies in its first week on Steam.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout caught a serious splash after its release. The game, which managed to sell 2 million copies in just one week as of its release, still sells like cheese and bread. Considering that PlayStation officials offer this game completely free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, we cannot even guess at what size the number of downloads is.

This game, which drags millions of players after it, has a fun structure. The game, which is based on the battle royale structure, starts with 60 online players participating in a tour. While you are trying to get rid of the obstacles you encounter in the game, you try to destroy your opponents and become the last player. The game, in which the developer team provides a good variety of characters, gives very funny moments. Moreover, you don’t need to have a super computer to play this game.

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The developer team is stunned by the attention the game has received

Mediatonic responded to the statements made from PlayStation’s official Twitter account. Remember when we said, “When we launched we had no idea how big this game would grow? Look at this …” It seems that this game will continue to be on the agenda of gamers for a long time.


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