Fall Guys asks players which tests they hate the most


They open a survey to find out the tests they like the most, the ones they don’t like and what they expect to see in a new season.

Fall Guys is still one of the hot games. Despite encountering a major rival like Among Us !, the Mediatonic title hosts a large number of concurrent daily users, and its intention is none other than to continue to surprise and offer new experiences to users. That is why through their social networks they have shared a document in which they hope that players will answer questions such as selecting their most hated tests, the ones they like the most and what they would like to see in a new season.

You can answer the questionnaire at this link, in which various things are asked such as how important, or not, it is to have new rounds, variation of those that already exist, new maps for rounds that are already present or new combinations. Beyond this, it also asks for a ranking among the type of rounds that you would most like to see in the future. Big races, survival stages, logic stages, final rounds and more.

Questions follow about the best rounds per team, and questions about what kind of rounds we would like to see. Lastly, they are also interested in us saying our favorite round, the one we like the least, and how many new rounds we expect to see per season, assuming each season starts after two months.

Another survey to outline the themes of the seasons

On the other hand, from Fall Guys they are also asking about themes and seasons in Fall Guys, in a questionnaire in which we are asked our age range, our gender, which three games are our favorites without counting Fall Guys during this 2020 and when we have played Fall Guys (season 1, 2 or both). Also, to be able to classify from most to least the news for the coming seasons. In short, Fall Guys prepare for new relevant changes and want them to adapt to what users demand the most.

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