Falcon and Winter Soldier: Madripoor and X-Men?


Madripoor is now officially part of the MCU. The mysterious island was presented in the 3rd episode of Falcão and the Winter Soldier and, in the comics, it has a direct connection with the mutants, especially Wolverine.

What is Madripoor?

In the series, Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) describes Madripoor as a lawless place, where villains are free to get together as they please. In this sense, the island presented on the small screens has a purpose very similar to that shown in the comics of the X-Men franchise.

Zemo decides to take Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and Sam (Anthony Mackie) to the island to meet with Selby (Imelda Corcoran) and find out more about the super soldier’s serum.

In the comics, Madripoor has already served as a home for Wolverine and at times has also become an outpost for the X-Men. The mutant’s ex-wife, Ophelia – also known as the villain, Viper – came to be the country’s ruler for a while.

Other X-Men easter eggs

In addition to establishing Madripoor as part of the MCU, the 3rd episode of Falcão and the Winter Soldier also left some clues that the place is really X-Men territory.

Throughout the chapter, Sam, Bucky and Zemo end up in a run-down bar called “Brass Monkey Saloon”. Despite the location already appearing in Captain America comics in the late 80s, what most caught the attention of fans was another establishment where the group passes by, the “Princess Bar”.

In magazines, the place is well known for Wolverine, who loves to cause all kinds of problems there. Which is not a problem, since the mutant is co-owner of the bar.

Selby’s presentation also caught the attention of some fans. In the series, the character is the one who commands the Brass Monkey and provides information to Zemo, Winter Soldier and Smiling Tiger (Sam Wilson disguise) about the super soldier’s serum and the Power Merchant.

In the comics, Selby is a mutant from the extremist Mutant Liberation Front group capable of chatting with computers and breaking codes.

It may just be a coincidence of names, but would Marvel make that kind of mess? The studio’s president, Kevin Feige, had previously told fans to keep an eye out for easter eggs and tips that suggest comic book characters that weren’t yet available for use, like the X-Men.


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