Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Sam Wilson Wins Poster as Captain America


Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Sam Wilson is officially Captain America. Falcon and the Winter Soldier explored the character’s personal journey as he decided whether or not he wanted to take on Captain America’s mantle, accepting the shield and obtaining his own hero costume made by Wakanda technology.

In the end, the MCU series turned into Captain America and the Winter Soldier, although the new poster released by Disney and Marvel Studios retains the original title of the series.

Anthony Mackie, Sam Wilson’s interpreter, in an interview, revealed: “I was surprised that they used me [in the filming] because we have a stuntman, a guy who looks like you who is like a gymnast and he does all these things , ”He said of being seen wearing Captain America’s shield.

“That’s when they say, ‘Okay, Anthony, you do this.’ And I was like, ‘Dude, did you see what this guy did? How are you going to ask me to do this? ‘ So, I was surprised when I saw the Super Bowl trailer that they actually used me to play the shield “.

More details on Sam Wilson as the new Captain America

About the Marvel series, Mackie said in early 2020: “It’s a big … I mean, we only have six episodes, but it’s a huge task. It’s a huge project. And … you know, it’s Marvel, so the stories and characters are there, but the action scenarios are as wide as they are. ”

With all six episodes available now, it is clear that Falcão and the Winter Soldier sought cinema-quality content on their adventure.

The full production season is available on Disney +!


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