Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Creator Explains Absence of Spider-Man


Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Recently, Malcolm Spellman, creator of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, revealed why Spider-Man did not appear on the Marvel series. In an interview with Inverse, the producer and screenwriter ensured that the initial idea contemplated the hero’s participation in some episodes.

“But then Kevin Feige said no,” he explained during the interview. “When projects come to mind, we think we will be able to use all the available characters from the MCU. But Marvel always asks if they belong to that story, ”he commented.

Still according to Spellman, there were plans to include other characters from this universe. However, apart from Spider-Man, none of them were mentioned in the interview.

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Analyzing the plot of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it is possible to notice that there would not be much coherence or space for the insertion of Spider-Man. It is also worth noting that the story takes place around the year 2023 and, at that time, the true identity of the hero had already been revealed.

In this way, Peter Parker is considered a murderer, being forced to flee for protection. So even if Spider-Man wanted to get involved in Sam (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) investigations of Flag-Smashers and John Walker (Wyatt Russell), his efforts would be in vain.

However, it is worth remembering that the final episode of the series was set in New York, the home of Spider-Man and also Doctor Strange. It would be interesting to see them on the scene right now, wouldn’t it?

Are there any MCU characters that you would like to have seen in Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Tell us in the comments!


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