Fake Video Shared by TikTok About Corona Virus Caused


Mike Wright, a doctor in the US, recently shared a video with a test tube with purple blood from his TikTok account. Wright claimed that the blood in the tube was a patient infected with the Corona virus. Wright’s fake Corona virus video has reached tens of thousands of people.

A video published recently on TikTok has attracted people’s reaction. A doctor named Mitch Wright was looking at two tubes with two blood in hand, and it was the blood of a patient with the Corona virus that looked purple in the tubes.

The doctor, who said that he had a patient with Corona virus in which he took part in the treatment of the purple blood tube, showed the blood tube in the video and said, ‚ÄúThis is not true for me. “There is something not good in this blood,” he says.

The video shared by the US doctor has reached thousands of people all of a sudden. The video received over 100,000 likes and 4,000 retweets. People reacted to the doctor, suspecting that the blood in the video was fake. Mitch Wright, who shared the video, said the video was a fake video that was a joke.

Wright also removed the video from his account on reactions. However, people were uneasy about how the doctor who shared such a video these days when the Corona virus is a major threat, will treat patients caught with the Corona virus.

Misconceptions about the Corona virus are troubling
After a doctor shared a fake video about the Corona virus, Dr. Mike Varshavski also made a statement. Varshavski said that such videos thought to be a joke are equivalent to shouting “fire” in the movie theater. Sharing similar videos with false information about the Corona virus makes people more afraid of getting sick.


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