Fake Video for PS5 Disappoints Gamers


A YouTube channel created and shared a fake video that it claims to belong to PlayStation 5. After the video got hundreds of thousands of interactions on the internet, the channel took another video and announced that the video was fake.

Japan-based technology giant Sony will bring the new game console PlayStation 5 to gamers at the end of 2020. The company has raised the expectations of gamers from good to good with the statements it has made so far. Moreover, since all the features of PlayStation 5 are not disclosed, gamers follow the slightest news about PlayStation 5 with great excitement.

To date, dozens of claims have been made about Sony’s upcoming game console. Even the photo you see right below was said to represent PlayStation 5 when it first appeared. But later it turned out that the photo in question showed the development kit, not the PlayStation 5 itself. Now a fake claim about PlayStation 5 has confused gamers.

An interesting video has been shared on social media platforms in the past days. This video allegedly reflected the splash screen of the PlayStation 5 and the console itself. To be honest, the video in question was as confusing as it was interesting. Social media users even split in two, due to the video that allegedly belongs to PlayStation 5. Some users have said that the video really belongs to PlayStation 5, while others have suggested that this video is fake.

In the video in question, there is a screen showing that some uploads were made first. This screen disappears, followed by a section with the text “PS5” and a water wave effect. After a background sound, this page also changes and comes with a QR code. Also, the PlayStation 5 device seen on the right side of the video for a few seconds does not escape attention.

Video that PlayStation 5 shows splash screen

The video in question first appeared through a YouTube channel called “Oby1”. The images shared in many websites and forums in a short time caused excitement to gamers. However, this excitement was short-lived because the same YouTube channel released new content and shared with its followers how it created a fake design and splash screen for PlayStation 5. The channel manager did not forget to change the name of the first video he shared.

Video showing how the PlayStation 5 video was created


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