Fake vaccine registration sites are stealing personal data


Vaccination against covid-19 in Brazil, started this week, has been used by scammers to apply various types of fraud on the internet and steal personal data from those who are looking for the awaited immunization. The warning was given on Friday (22) by Kaspersky.

According to the online security company, its investigation and analysis team has found several fake sites that simulate a pre-registration to receive the vaccine against the new coronavirus since last Monday (18), taking advantage of real campaigns already started to try to attract distracted netizens.

On one of these fraudulent pages, there is a request for those interested in getting vaccinated to register, providing email and password. From there, hackers use that information to try to access victims’ email accounts and apply further scams from there.

“As many people often use the same password for multiple accounts, criminals can hack into a number of other services using this data,” explained Kaspersky senior security analyst Fábio Assolini. He mentions that this phishing strategy is similar to those applied at the beginning of the pandemic, taking advantage of the intense search for alcohol in gels and masks.

Protection Tips

The main tip for not falling for scams like the fake vaccine registration website is to look for information about the vaccination campaign in the official communication channels of the health departments of your state or municipality.

In São Paulo, for example, health authorities created registration pages for vaccination. But even in cases like this, it is essential to check with the official bodies which are the real addresses of these sites.

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It is also important to always be suspicious of links sent through chains on social networks and shared in messaging apps, including those sent by acquaintances. Have questions about the veracity and security of the site? So, do not enter the requested data.


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