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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates criticized Elon Musk’s comments about covid-19 on Twitter and asked him to stop running fake news. In an interview with CNBC published on Tuesday (28), the tycoon said that the CEO has dominion over topics such as electric cars and aircraft, but the pandemic does not enter this repertoire.

With an active profile on the social network, Musk has tried to reduce the severity of covid-19 and said that reports of deaths from the disease were exaggerated. In March, the businessman also commented that children were practically immune to the virus, even without studies to prove this idea.

“When we let people communicate [over the Internet], we need to deal with the fact that certain incorrect information can spread more quickly than the truth. And we’ve always seen this in relation to vaccines,” Bill Gates told Andrew Ross Sorkin, during the interview.

Despite not having the habit of getting involved in controversies, the tycoon criticized Musk’s stance on the subject. “Elon’s position is to maintain a high level of outrageous comments. He is not involved in vaccines. He makes great electric cars. And his aircraft work well. So he can talk about these issues. areas that have dominion, “commented Gates.

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