Fake Drake Gets Termination and Abstinence from Real Drake’s Lawyers


Fake Drake became famous in Miami as a parodist, earning more than $ 5,000 per appearance. Now the real Drake says that the concert lasted long enough, and sent a termination letter.
Last year, Academiks shared a video online of a man who looks strikingly like Drake playing his songs in a club in Miami. At the time, Izzy Drake told news outlets that he appeared at events as Drake, with the approval of the real Drake, although that source in that approval was questionable. Drake’s real feelings for the imitator have now become known, and he is unhappy. His lawyers sent the fake rapper OVO a cease and desist letter.

“Dear IzzyyDrake, this letter serves as a notification about your unauthorized use of the trademark “OVO” to promote your brand as a likeness, as well as about your unauthorized production of mass media, which in themselves cause damage and defamation of our brand. Your actions are unjustified, undesirable and unacceptable,” the letter says.

“In addition, this should serve as a preliminary letter demanding that you provide us with a written assurance within 7 days that you will cease and desist from any further factually false statements regarding OVO SOUND and/or Drake, and that you will no longer manufacture media depicting the aforementioned trademarks.” — the letter says.
“Happy birthday, the greatest artist in history and my biggest inspiration,” the imitator wrote with an image of a C&D letter sent by OVO SOUND. “A couple of days ago I received this cease-and-desist letter from OVO, and as a respectful birthday gift to @champagnepapi, I changed my name from IzzyyDrake to Izzyyfamous. More life, my brother OVO.”

The fake Drake also stated in August 2022 that Drake offered to slap him for free on the We in Miami podcast. “I drove up to Drake’s hotel with my management. Let’s just say it wasn’t very attractive,” says the Fake Drake. “They were just trying to attack us, so in the end I texted him, telling him about the fight, and he said he would drive up and slap me for free.” Good. This is how the fake Drake saga ends.


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