Fairy Tail’s Natsu announced her character with her voice


Yesterday (17), miHoYo revealed that a new character is about to be announced in Genhsin Impact. The mysterious character will be voiced by Testuya Kakihara (Natsu’s voice actor from Fairy Tail) and will gain more information during the Unreconciled Stars event, which has been taking place since last Monday, 16th, and will run until December 6th.

The event will be divided into three phases, in which the first will be exclusively solo, the second will be a history mission that can be played in the cooperative, and the third and last will start a series of enemy hordes entitled to claim rewards. For the second, entitled Star of Deceitful Dreams and scheduled to start on November 18, there will be the addition of a new character, with no major details disclosed.

Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices.


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