Fairy Tail, analysis: Natsu and Lucy


We analyze the studio game Gust based on the series by Hiro Mashima, which follows the adventures of Natsu and Lucy along with the rest of the cast of protagonists.

After several delays, the adaptation of Fairy Tail finally arrives, the series created by Hiro Mashima author of other series of some acceptance such as Rave or more recently Edens Zero, by the hand of Koei Tecmo and Gust, study responsible for titles such as the saga Atelier, Ar Tonelico, Blue Reflection or the two installments of the Nights of Azure series. From the beginning of its publication in 2006 and until its end in 2017, the series starring Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia along with the other members of the magicians’ guild have been living different adventures along various story arcs where they have It has been gradually evolving and becoming more powerful. The success of the series led to its subsequent adaptation to an animated series that has encompassed a total of more than 300 episodes in the almost 10 years in which it has been broadcast on Japanese television, also including several OVAs and also two films.

In the field of video games, the series has had several adaptations, essentially for portable consoles, including among them the two installments of Fairy Tail Portable Guild on PSP, the fighting game Zeref Awakens also for the Sony laptop and the two installments. by Fairy Tail Gekitou! for Nintendo DS, in addition to the appearance of both Natsu and Lucy in the title of crossover fighting manga series Sunday VS Magazine, another title also from the PSP catalog. None of these mentioned games went beyond the Japanese borders to reach the West, this being the first time that a game based on the franchise saw the light internationally.

For starters, the game will not encompass the beginning of the series and the subsequent arcs that comprise it, but will start from the events of the end of the Tenrou Island arc, in which the group faces Hades, leader of Grimoire Heart, in a combat that serves as a tutorial to learn the basic notions of the game system controlling each of the members of Fairy Tail. After this confrontation, the members of Fairy Tail meet, but the calm becomes brief before the appearance of the Aconologia dragon that attacks the island with a powerful technique, leaving the whereabouts of the guild members unknown for seven years. After that lapse of time, Natsu and the rest of the members reappear safe and sound to resume the activities of the guild. However, during her absence, Fairy Tail has lost its hegemony, at the same time as its headquarters, and is in the lowest position in the ranking, having to gradually regain its luster under Makarov’s baton. For this they must to participate in the imminent festival of Grand Magic Games that will take place in the city of Crocus, the capital of the Kingdom of Fiore.

The development of the plot will cover several chapters divided in turn into episodes in which to advance will require a series of objectives that will range from talking to a character and watching a conversation to fighting through the different moments of the game, including the fighting that take place during the Grand Magic Games arc, including some sections with high-powered bosses, and also having to upgrade Fairy Tail’s rank to a certain position, which will include completing quests through different areas of Fiore, upgrading guild facilities and even improve ties between members. Each chapter will provide at its end a piece of an illustration, which will be complete at the end of all the episodes of it. The development of the plot parts will mostly include conversational sequences with the game engine, as well as some cinematics, not very extensive, and also parts that will include illustrations taken from the animation series. In some cases it will be necessary to advance through special areas such as the Castle of the Royal Family of Fiore or the fortress of Tartarus, in which to explore these locations in order to reach the next point in the plot, facing enemies in the process and also with the possibility of finding hidden chests.


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