Fair Trade Commission decides Jungkook BTS is free from covert promotion demands


The Fair Trade Commission has finally released a final verdict against the charges against Jungkook BTS who are considered to be carrying out covert promotions of his brother’s products.


On October 2, 2021 ago, a netizen filed a lawsuit against Jungkook BTS to the Fair Trade Commission for the matter.

As of today, October 27, 2021, the Fair Trade Commission has rendered a ruling on the matter in which they judged Jungkook not to have violated labeling and advertising guidelines and closed the lawsuit.

This is because Jungkook does not display the brand and mentions the company brand of the clothes he uses.

The Fair Trade Commission added that claims from netizens regarding Jungkook influencing the sales of certain companies and hindering fair trade are baseless claims.


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