Faiga’s Death Plan in “The Avengers” Proves He’s Not Always Right


Kevin Feige’s plan to kill the first Avengers in Avengers: Finale proves he’s not always right. It would be an understatement to say that there was tremendous pressure to suspend the landing of the 2019 Marvel Studios blockbuster. Fortunately, the MCU created a satisfying movie, as “Avengers: Finale” coped with all the tasks. However, if things had gone differently, for example, if they had followed Faiga’s original plan for the film, the result would have been completely different.

In a new interview with directors Joe and Anthony Russo, they talked about Feiga’s suggestion that “Avengers: Finale” should kill Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Captain America (Chris Evans). The idea behind this is to gradually increase the emotional intensity of the film as the Big Three MCUs are destroyed one by one. In the end, Russo resisted and lobbied for his version of the film, invented by screenwriters Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely, which killed only Tony Stark, gave Steve Rogers a creative outlet and left Thor in the MCU.

Looking back, we can say that Faiga’s suggestion would be a huge mistake, emphasizing the fact that he is not always right. Seeing Iron Man, Thor and Captain America die one after the other will seem repetitive and lose value. At least “Avengers: Finale” brought Stark and Rogers out of the MCU in a different way. Secondly, it would deprive fans of the great battle of Three against Thanos (Josh Brolin) in the movie, because one or two heroes would already be dead before the third act — if they hadn’t just crammed all the deaths into the finale. hour. As the face of the MCU, Feigi is often credited with its success. However, his proposal “Avengers: Finale” proves that he is also prone to making questionable decisions. Without Russo, who, along with Marcus and McFeely, created the story of the film, the film could have been a disaster, or at least not as well received as it was. It’s a reminder that the success of the MCU is the culmination of everyone’s contribution.

Feigi remains indispensable in the MCU (but it’s good that he’s not always right)

This is not a blow to the Faiga. After all, without him, Marvel Studios wouldn’t be what it is now. After seeing how successful the MCU had become, several other studios tried to copy their business and creative model, but no one came close to what she achieved. Feigs are often called the X-factor, thanks to which all this works at Marvel Studios. However, his suggestion of death in “Avengers: Finale” is a reminder that all the successes of the franchise are not only connected with him. It is a combination of many factors and the contributions of countless other people. Interestingly, it also shows why Feigi is so good at what he does. Despite the fact that he is the head of Marvel Studios, it shows that he is always open to suggestions from other people and welcomes any suggestions. The fact that he listened to Russo and followed their example in solving the fates of the original Avengers in Avengers: Finale is a true sign of a good leader.

Feigi doesn’t always make the best choice for Marvel Studios. This is evidenced by his terrible presentation of “Avengers: Finale”. Fortunately, he compensates for this in many other ways. He showed that he can adapt to changes and is ready to listen to the suggestions of others. Because of this, many other creative people want to work with him in the MCU.


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