Facebook’s second matchmaker app, Sparked, focuses on speed dating


Facebook is testing a video speed dating app called Sparked. This application, which requires a Facebook profile to create an account, was developed by the NPE Team, Facebook’s in-house group working on experimental applications.

You can view the Sparked web page here. On the website, the application is described as “video dating with kind people”. There are also public profiles, no scrolling; It is also stated that DMs and usage are free. It seems that the app will lead people to fast video meetups that last four minutes. It is unclear how many video appointments a person will watch per event, but the app says a 10-minute second meeting will be scheduled “if you both have a good time”. From this point on, Sparked states that users can share their contact information; Instagram states that they can stay in touch via iMessage or email.

Sparked will be Facebook’s second dating product. Facebook Dating, which operates through the main Facebook application, was launched in the USA in 2019. Since then, it has most recently been made available in various countries, including the UK. This works similarly to most dating apps, people can see a public profile of a potential girlfriend candidate and then send a like to start a conversation. Facebook’s NPE team has launched many applications, but none of them have been massively successful. For this reason, it is currently unclear how long Facebook will stick to Sparked.


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