Facebook’s measure for the 3 November elections


Facebook, which has been investigated with Cambridge Analitica in recent years, announced that it has taken measures for the upcoming election. Facebook has developed a special system for the November 3 elections.

Facebook took action for the 3 November elections

Facebook, which serves more than 2 billion users, could not intervene in some recent events. Unable to prevent the videos of the New Zealand massacre from being re-uploaded, the company’s record is quite high.

Facebook 3 Kasım seçimleri için özel önlem alacak

The company, which has been criticized by many people by not preventing the rapidly spreading disinformation content in WhatsApp and Instagram, aims to minimize abuse thanks to artificial intelligence-supported studies. It is known that other methods used by the company in the countries it defines as at risk will be used for the 3 November elections.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “We continue our efforts to end the US presidential elections in the most trouble-free way. Thanks to our work, this choice will be quieter. ”Used expressions. Zuckerberg also announced that he and his wife Priscilla Chan will donate $ 300 million to support the voting and election infrastructure.

Stating that it will remove all posts that will adversely affect voters in the first week of October, the company also underlined that it will share the correct election results with users with notifications and tags.


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