Facebook’s Market Cap Exceeds $1 Trillion


Facebook managed to be among the companies with a market value exceeding 1 trillion dollars as of the market closing. According to data from Yahoo Finance, the company’s market cap is currently $1.01 trillion. Facebook’s market value rose to $1.08 trillion at one point during the day.

Among the most notable units of Facebook, Facebook’s main site is at the forefront. Important services and brands such as Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus are also under the umbrella of Facebook.

It is noteworthy that Facebook is the only company founded in the 2000s among American technology companies with a market value of more than 1 trillion dollars. Although the founding date of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, seems to be 2015, it is necessary to take 1998, when the foundations of Google were laid, as the actual founding date.

Facebook is dealing with different investigations in both the US and Europe. Although the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a monopoly lawsuit in court over Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp, this lawsuit was dismissed by the judge.


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