What Does Facebook’s FACEBOOK Logo Really Mean?


The logo, written in capital letters, using a special typography and rounded corners, is used as the corporate roof logo of Facebook and its affiliates. This roof logo is designed to distinguish the company and its applications from each other and to announce to those who do not yet know that world famous applications belong to Facebook.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platform in the world, used by billions of people around the world, but the troubles on its head are never missing. If you remember, at the beginning of November 2019, Facebook became a mockery on social media with its new logo design. In fact, Facebook has created a loft logo in which it collects all products and services to distinguish between the company and its applications. 35-year-old billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerbeg introduced as the “New Company Logo”, and for whom the logo does not seem very different, only capital letters were used. Logo Facebook’s other products are designed to switch between the corporate colors of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

If you have noticed, Instagram and WhatsApp now includes the new FACEBOOK brand in the app. The new corporate logo, written in capital letters, is designed using custom typography and rounded corners. The corporate logo also appears in different colors depending on the application and service it represents. As an example, the logo is green on WhatsApp, and the transition colors of the social media platform on Instagram are used as follows.

What does Facebook’s new logo mean?
We can see this in the statement about the best Facebook CMO Antonio Lucio new logo. “People should know which company makes the products they use. We started to be clearer about the products and services that started to be part of Facebook years ago.” says.

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Some users argue that Facebook has broken the bad image it has drawn in the past years, and that it contains some of the applications we never gave up. Others say that Facebook is shouting with this new logo and criticizes the company to focus on renewing its brand image instead of solving the problems on its platform.

Facebook has recently been criticized on various topics. You may have heard a few of them. Among them; causing unfair competition during the general elections, the abortion of child abuse on the Cambridge Analytica platform, various data scandals, lawsuits and penalties. Frequent FACEBOOK will never leave the radar of names like US Senator Elizabeth Warren, even if it goes to brand renewal. Warren advocates that big tech giants such as big tech giants FACEBOOK, Amazon, and Google are regulated by tighter regulations to prevent future unfair competition.

Many other large companies have tried to re-brand in the past, even though Facebook is heavily loaded. The reason for this need was the loss of prestige from time to time, and from time to time, the desire of throwing the dust that the brand has accumulated over the years and catching the age. So, does rebranding always work?

Even a superficial branding is a good opportunity to re-examine the company’s culture, so the company has the chance to express itself more accurately. In FACEBOOK, he makes his own move without touching the flagship Facebook. After all, despite the ongoing troubles, FACEBOOK continues to serve users strongly and reminds users who are not yet aware that Instagram and WhatsApp are among their products, that is, under the umbrella of the company FACEBOOK. All these moves trigger cross memberships, and billionaire Mark Zuckerbeg is the winner at the end of the day.


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