Facebook’s Cloud Gaming Service Didn’t Come to iOS?


Facebook has developed a new cloud gaming service for mobile games. The service, which some users will have the opportunity to meet as of this week, will be experienced by desktop web and Android users. It seems that iOS users will not be able to easily benefit from this service.

Facebook has come to an end with the cloud gaming platform service it has been working on for a while. Focusing on mobile games, this service will soon be available to Android and desktop web users. However, it seems that iPhone owners will not be able to easily benefit from this service.

When we say cloud gaming services, services such as Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud come to mind. However, Facebook’s cloud gaming service was not developed to rival these platforms. Facebook developers have instead created a cloud gaming service for the mobile gaming world. According to the statements made, users will be able to experience a brand new mobile gaming experience with Facebook.

It is even possible to access mobile games from advertisements on Facebook.

Facebook’s cloud gaming service has quite impressive features. For example, a user will be able to directly play a game that he sees as an advertisement while browsing Facebook. If the user likes the game accessed through the advertisement, he will be able to continue playing the game by adding it to his account. However, all these innovations will not be experienced by iOS users. According to the statements made, although the negotiations are continuing, a solution has not been produced so far.

Facebook faces a similar problem with its competitors

Apple is one of the most discussed companies of recent times. Because developers like Spotify and Epic Games are officially lashing out at Apple. The reason for this is the policies Apple has created for the App Store. To be clear, Apple wants to retain full control of the app store. In addition, Apple reflects serious disruptions to developers. Facebook’s cloud gaming service is now confronted with Apple policies.

Jason Rubin, one of the executives of Facebook, who made statements on the subject, adjusted Apple policies. Saying that the strictness of the rules in question are the obstacles that worsen the consumer experience, Rubin also shows how the system can work on the iOS platform. However, unfortunately, Apple’s policies prevented Facebook’s game service from being as desired.

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Apple also made some statements on the subject. The company says that Facebook must first approve the games it will offer as part of its cloud gaming service by sending it to the App Store. However, Apple offers another way to Facebook. In this context, Facebook was able to make its games accessible via Safari.

Jason Rubin also mentions Google in his comments on the subject. Saying that they give a 30 percent share while offering the same service on Google, Rubin says that they can also give this share to Apple, but the issue with Apple is definitely not money. Apple’s problem, according to Rubin, is that he’s putting a barrier in front of something that wants to be done.

In fact, Apple is making huge money on the App Store. According to CNBC’s estimates, the company made around $ 50 billion from the App Store last year. Moreover, a great part of this money earned was provided through mobile games. Here, Apple does not want to lose this opportunity. However, cloud gaming services reduce the dependence of mobile gamers on Apple. As such, Apple does not lean towards cloud gaming services like Google Stadia or Facebook’s.

Rubin did not give a detailed statement about Facebook’s new service. Speaking about the launch, however, the manager says that Facebook users will have the opportunity to meet 5-10 mobile games in the first place. Also, not every user would be able to access this service at the same time. Stating that users in some central states of the USA will be able to access the new service as of this week, Rubin states that the rest of the USA will be able to benefit from this service as of the coming months. For countries other than the USA, there is not the slightest detail for now.


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