Facebook x Apple: understand why the giants are at war


On the one hand, one of the largest social networks in the world, part of an empire that includes Instagram and WhatsApp. On the other, one of the most valuable electronics manufacturers on the planet and the fourth largest company in the cell phone sector.

In recent months, Facebook and Apple have exchanged accusations with each other, indicating the beginning of a lasting battle. At stake, principles and terms of use of platforms, in addition to the amount of data collected from users.

Before this dispute heats up, we separate below the reasons that led the two sides to be surprised – and how far this war can go.

The first fights

One of the first recent frictions between Facebook and Apple started in the middle of 2020. The Facebook Gaming app, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, has been rejected consecutively on the iPhone App Store.

The reason? The platform acted as a “means of distributing applications” – something not allowed under iOS policies. Apple is the only one authorized to have a store on the operating system and to offer collections of games in this format, from Apple Arcade.

The rate of discord

Another disagreement occurred in August 2020. The Facebook app had an update rejected on the App Store for explicitly warning that Apple charges 30% on items sold on the network. This is a rule of the store: transactions within the digital environment have a share passed on to the owner.

Facebook tried to negotiate, but received a negative and left the “indirect”. This is common on both iOS and Android, but developers like Epic Games have begun to challenge the policy.

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