Facebook Working On Artificial Intelligence Technology To Prevent Irrelevant Data Storage


Facebook is working on an artificial intelligence technology that will automatically classify the collected data according to the level of interest in order to make the best use of the data field. Facebook artificial intelligence will give the data a validity period according to the level of interest, and the most irrelevant data will be deleted more quickly.

Today, it is a known fact that our data is collected and stored by every application and device we use, and we have no escape from it. Even if there are irrelevant data among our collected data, they continue to be stored in the systems. This can significantly increase the size of data stores.

Facebook has also started working on a technology that can prevent this situation. Researchers within the company will add a feature called “Expire Scan” to the artificial intelligence system. This feature will help an AI’s neural information processing rank information based on how relevant they are and what is most relevant to their assigned task.

Artificial intelligence will be able to manage its space more efficiently:

The feature will first determine which piece of information is most useful in a required context and will give that information a date to expire based on the data it analyzes. While the date given to the most important data is a very advanced date, the data considered to be irrelevant will be given closer dates and the data can thus be deleted automatically.

When a new data is added to the relevant category, the system will not only set a date for the added piece of information, but also reassess the dates of all relevant content within the category. Thus, artificial intelligence will be able to use its space more effectively and improve itself while using it.

Facebook has not yet made a statement about when the new feature will be released. However, studies on the feature have not yet reached a concrete stage. We can expect this work on artificial intelligence to take months, maybe years.


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