Facebook Will Remove Sexual Harassment Of Celebrities From Its Platforms


Facebook: As part of an update to its bullying and harassment policies, the social media giant said in a recent statement; announced that it would remove “gravely sexually offensive” content directed at public figures, including celebrities, politicians, creators, and “unintentional” celebrities.

The giant company was already removing some content for celebrities. According to the new statement, the areas covered by these contents will expand further. All content containing “severe sexual harassment” will be removed from platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Profiles, pages, groups and events dedicated to sexualizing a public figure, according to authorities; derogatory, sexually explicit photoshoped images and drawings, sexually explicit comments made on the accounts of well-known people will all be removed.

Antigone Davis, Facebook’s head of global security, said in a statement Wednesday: “We have made the decision to take these changes because such attacks are aimed at the appearance of public figures and cause significant harm.”

In addition, the company said it would provide greater protections for “unintentional” public figures such as journalists and human rights defenders. “Fame is not always a choice, especially women, people of color, who are much more at risk of being bullied and harassed,” Davis said.


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