Facebook will pay News Corp. to pay


Facebook has signed a three-year agreement to allow them to use content from sources of News Corp. in Australia. The perennial agreement covers a few Australian publications, including Australian National Newspaper, News.com.Au Web Site and New South Wales in The Daily Telegraph, the Herald Sun and the Courier-Mail in Victoria.

As Reuters also stated, News Corp was the first media organization to arrive with the social network after the social network, which requires new laws to pay the publishers to use the content of technology giants.

Facebook finally had a deal

In contrast to Google, which has quickly deals with News Corp and other organizations, Facebook has delayed doing this and even prevented users to share the news links in the country.

When the Company has applied the ban, accidentally blocked state pages, non-profit organizations and other media pages. This movement is considered to blame the laws of Facebook “not provide a clear guidance on the definition of news content”.

After a few days, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the company started to meet with the officials. Facebook took back the news ban after officials accept some changes in the proposed laws.

Apparently Facebook is ready to make agreements to fill the news tab with content. News Corp. In his announcement, the social network has also signed a separate agreement with Sky News Australia.

Reuters report that Facebook is in the middle of the negotiations with the Seven West Media Ltd and its opponent Nine Entertainment Co Holdings Ltd.


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