Facebook Will Pay $1 Billion to Influencers by 2022


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company’s social networks plan to invest $1 billion in digital influencers by 2022. The volume of resources is the same as advertised by other platforms such as Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok, which should help heat up the internet content creation market.

In a statement, Facebook said it plans to launch new bonus programs by the end of the year that will pay creators for reaching specific goals. Among them is the Reels Summer Bonus, which will launch in the coming weeks and will pay US users who create “great Reels content for Instagram”.

Starting in September, resources will also be paid to influencers who serve ads in their Facebook videos or reach certain goals during live broadcasts. On Instagram, content producers can receive the bonus for activating ads in their videos on IGTV, or giving specific tips on live streams.

survival strategy

Social media companies have recently focused on influencers that help attract millions of daily users as a strategy to survive and expand their business. Facebook itself has already announced a number of initiatives, including the ability to solicit money from fans and tools to sell merchandise.

Many of the platforms plan to keep some of the earnings generated by influencers. Right away, this revenue is “irrelevant” to the big techs, but it’s essential to keep content creators attracting users — which is critical to selling the ads that represent the top revenue of these companies.

How to participate in bonus programs

For now, bonuses will only be earmarked for invited influencers. However, the company allows users to express interest in the program and get more information about monetization within their social networks.

To learn about bonus programs on Facebook, the interested party should look for the option “Monetization tools for creators” on the platform. Instagram creators can learn more in the app’s “Bonus” section, which will be available in the coming weeks.


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