Facebook will make its new design mandatory in september


Changing your appearance in the world of digital entertainment is something that platforms must do yes or yes if they want to remain attractive. But precisely the aesthetic and functional changes in the interfaces are complicated to carry out, because there will always be people who do not like what you are doing.

In this section, Mark Zuckerberg has been teaching the new look that the Facebook web interface will have for a year, and since May of this year you can use it and alternate it with the classic view. But that will be over in less than a month.

The new mandatory Facebook interface

Facebook will launch its new design for all users of its desktop version in September, which was announced more than a year ago and which modifies its traditional appearance in blue by enabling a dark mode. But he will do it with a detail: That this time the change will be mandatory and will not allow a return to the classic view. For this reason, the social network has updated its help page and has also begun to show notifications to users when opening its desktop version to inform that the new Facebook design will become mandatory from September.

Changes in Facebook, how is the new interface?

The truth is that it has a much cleaner and renewed appearance. The white and gray background for the central part looks great, even on the header that was previously the company’s blue color. Specifically, this is where many changes are perceived: The search engine moves to the left and the central part is distributed by the Home buttons, notifications, Watch, Profile, Marketplace, Groups and Messenger in that order, leaving the configuration in the top right.

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The rest of the parts, the columns, largely respect the way of being of the old. On the left you will have access to the pages you manage, Facebook Gamming, events and saved posts. In the center you can see the influence of Instagram due to the greater presence of the Stories of your contacts.

Below we see the latest updates on these, in addition to the pages you follow and a table for you to make your own post. On the right side are the contacts that you can start a chat with instead of the suggestions of possible friends.


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