Facebook will let you use your USB key to log in


Surely you have several accounts in many of the portals that the Internet has. For all of them you need a username and a password, two pieces of information that you should not exchange with anyone to guarantee security. To guarantee this security you must have a good head to remember all the passwords you use, or on the contrary use a password manager or USB key. If you have one of these last features, you will be interested to know that Facebook already authorizes its use in the mobile versions.

Use your USB key to enter Facebook

Social networks are one of the most important sites for users. Here many turn their lives, publishing what they do every day, what they eat, where they are, who they relate to … and so on with endless activities that complement their virtual life. But both the most active and those who less participate in the Network need the security that no one can steal their account and for that there are many measures.

One of them is to obtain a USB key that stores the credentials of the sites you visit or the devices you use. It is an interesting device since many have two positions of use whenever they have them: one of them is the input through a USB port of a device. The other is wireless by NFC, which makes this gadget a very versatile tool.

And it is at this second point where we have to look since Facebook has enabled the use of USB keys to validate your session on your smartphone. Since 2017, the firm had this function enabled on computers, but it is now when smartphones receive support to use this type of device to start your session safely. The best thing is that you can have this feature in the different versions of the application, either iOS or Android.

Twitter also has this feature

Facebook has already enabled its security authentication via USB key, which will allow users to have additional security on their smartphone. With this, Menlo Park combine this type of credentials in their different versions, something that Twitter is also working on as we told you yesterday. Not that this gadget is indispensable, but if you want to have complete control of your account it could be considered something interesting.


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