Facebook Will Let You Join Your Messenger And Instagram Contacts In A Single Group


Facebook has many of the most popular applications among users. They are mostly social networks, of which one is the one that bears his name and the other is Instagram. The use is quite similar, although there are functions that the blue social network is different from the photographic one. However, the company is looking for a way to unite the two in one way or another and the proof of this is that Messenger users and Instagram Direct users could soon join in the same room.

Finally, Messenger and Instagram in the same room

On many occasions, users have yearned for being able to share content with users from another social network directly. This is possible today with the tools available to a smartphone, but we can still see more progress in this regard with the development of new functions that we will see in the future.

If we look at the case of Facebook, we can see that the company has looked for ways to unite the functions of its applications. An example? Instagram stories, which you can see in Facebook profiles and their integration in what are now WhatsApp statuses. But today we have to go one step further with the introduction of the new messages that you can send to both users you have on Messenger and on Instagram.

This has been confirmed by the Menlo Park company itself, where they affirm that “With this update, people will be able to initiate group chats between their Instagram and Messenger contacts. Within these cross-app group chats, you can continue to personalize your chat experience with personalized chat themes and reactions. ”

Of course, this new feature will not lose the functions they have on one or another platform. That is, the controls will be the same whether the users are from Messenger or from Instagram and you decide who are those who enter the group and who can contact you. In this way, the privacy of users who enter these groups is guaranteed. It only remains to wait to know the date of introduction of this feature although, for now, this feature has already been made public in its news area of ​​the Menlo Park company.


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