Facebook will keep telecommuting until 2021


Businesses are well aware that COVID-19 continues to rage around the world. The pandemic is still present worldwide and it seems that the vaccine will take time to arrive.

Therefore, the best thing now is to maintain all the security measures to avoid contagion as much as possible and that is clear to all companies. For this reason, Facebook will let its workers continue to telecommute until 2021.

Telecommuting on Facebook until 2021

There is no doubt that teleworking has helped many companies so that their production was not greatly affected. This has been possible for all those whose work did not strictly require their presence and could do it with an Internet connection and a computer, although they have had to deal with other circumstances in the family environment. And this seems to be the case for at least one more year at the Menlo Park house as Facebook will keep telecommuting until 2021.

The statements the firm has offered to Reuters are clear: “Based on guidance from health and government experts, as well as decisions drawn from our internal discussions on these matters, we allow employees to continue working voluntarily from home until July 2021 “. It is clear that with this the firm wants to preserve the health of its workers and their families, but without ceasing to launch improvements and updates in its services.

In addition, the firm will provide aid to its workers. They understand that they need more material to have their “home office” and that is why they will give an extra $ 1,000 to each worker to cover this need.

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It is not the only one who supports this measure

Facebook expands its teleworking policies due to COVID-19, a measure that must be taken into account to avoid the possible source of contagion. Many companies have taken action for the ‘new normal’ in the world of work. Many have taken steps to make the return to offices a reality. Going with face shields, masks and gloves is an option, although they are accompanied by methacrylate walls that provide extra protection.

However, Facebook will keep telecommuting until 2021 in the same way that other companies have also taken it to stop the coronavirus. Specifically, Google declared a similar measure at the end of last month, which will prevent meetings from taking place in person but maintaining an acceptable work rate under the circumstances.


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