Facebook Will Have New Tools For Community Builders


Facebook: Meta presented this Thursday (4) new tools for Facebook groups, which will be made available globally in the coming months. They come with the promise of helping administrators make communities more collaborative and secure, according to the company.

To improve group identification, managers will be able to customize backgrounds, colors and fonts, as well as select predefined collections of post formats and stamps. A new publish button will also be released, eliminating the need to go to the top of the page to post.

Upon joining a community, new members will receive an exclusive greeting message and will know the group’s rules, which are sent automatically. And to encourage engagement, participants will be able to award prizes for valuable content, identifying them as “Insightful”, “Inspirational” or “Fun”.

In order to lead to deeper connections, the platform should allow the creation of subgroups, for specific regions, topics and occasions. This way, users will delve into the topics that interest them, using community chats and creating recurring events.

What else is coming?

Depending on the company, the Administrator Assistant will be updated to provide personalized suggestions, such as when to opt out of certain content. Administrators will also be able to pin ads and determine the order in which they appear, and use chats to communicate with moderators.

A toolkit that will help community owners support them financially is also new. According to Facebook, it will be possible to sell merchandise in a store and create paid subgroups by offering exclusive content to subscribers.