Facebook will be required to use Oculus VR headsets


It will soon be necessary to have a Facebook account to be able to use Oculus VR headsets. According to a statement released by the company owned by Facebook, support for independent Oculus accounts will end as of next October. However, users will be able to keep their existing accounts open until January 1, 2023. All users will be able to create a “VR profile” with a separate buddy list.

It will only be possible to open an Oculus account via Facebook from October this year. Those who already have an Oculus account will be encouraged to merge with their Facebook account. Those who do not merge will be able to continue using virtual reality heads until 2023.

Old titles used with unlinked accounts will continue to work after January 1, 2023. However, some games and apps will not work. Developers will be able to continue using disconnected developer accounts that have no social functionality. There will be no change in the independent login process of the Oculus for Business platform.

According to the information provided by Facebook, Facebook information will be used for login in all Oculus devices that will be released in the upcoming period. This requirement will also apply to users with a separate account. Facebook is expected to release a new version of the virtual reality headset called Oculus Quest in autumn and this policy will be implemented on the device.

The changes made are important in terms of consolidating Facebook’s management on its platforms. The new privacy policy, to be administered by Facebook itself, will not separate hardware subsidiaries of Facebook Technologies from the general public.

Oculus, maker of VR headsets, was acquired by Facebook in 2014. The social media giant has been gradually integrating Oculus into its system since then. While the company was developing new virtual reality-based social features in 2019, it started to use the data obtained through Oculus in ads.


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