Facebook will allow users to claim authorship of images


On Monday (21), Facebook announced that soon users will be able to claim authorship of their images on the platform. Initially, the company will work in collaboration with partners to test the photo moderation function, which seeks to allow more autonomy for content creators. The novelty does not have a launching date yet and, in the future, should reach all internet users.

According to The Verge, although the partners selected for the test have not yet been revealed, the new role may indicate that major brands will have more control over their intellectual property. Companies like National Geographic will be able to post their images on the so-called Facebook’s Rights Manager and thus have control over when and where they were posted – even on Instagram.

To prove the authorship of an image, the company or Internet user must upload a CSV file containing its metadata to the Facebook manager, along with specifications from where the copyright applies. When the file is verified, Facebook’s Rights Manager will monitor the preview of posts with the image.

If an infringement is proven, the author of the image may choose between permanence, removal or territorial restriction of the post, which would prevent its viewing in territories where copyright applies.

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