Facebook Will Allow Administrators To Delete Messages That Have False Information


Facebook: Being an administrator of a Facebook group is more difficult than it seems. It is worth any user to enter a new community and see everything that moves in it. But some, with full knowledge or lack of it, can publish false news or even misinform the rest with data that does not correspond to reality or at least with the official versions. For this reason, Meta will empower group administrators to delete messages that are false.

Admins will have more responsibility in Facebook groups

One of the commitments that all social networks have with their users is to maintain the information with quality standards. Each message can contain the whole truth about an event that is happening, a simple opinion or none of the above.

And it is that when a publication goes out of those limits it can cause misinformation. Of course, the moderators and artificial intelligence work tirelessly to prevent problems with the information. But sometimes neither the software nor the social network workers themselves are able to reach everywhere, and that is why group administrators can now delete messages that contain false information.

Of course, this will not be by the free will that the administrators suppose, but they will receive the guidelines of Facebook so that they are attentive to the messages. However, the sanction made by administrators can be variable. These range from deleting posts, which is the lowest, to blocking or suspending the user from future posts in the group.

On the other hand, posts that are shared and then debunk by fact-checkers will still be visible. This is at least what will happen outside of the group, unless an admin or moderator chooses to delete the post.