Facebook: WhatsApp is prohibited if you don’t share data


Popular messaging application WhatsApp will change its usage conditions in the near future. As a result of the usage conditions expected to change in a short time, WhatsApp will now start to share your data with Facebook. WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook in 2014, assured its users that their data would remain private and would not be shared with Facebook. However, it seems that the years that have passed have changed the mind of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp could not keep its promise to its users

After being purchased by Facebook for $ 19 billion, WhatsApp promised its users with an announcement, “We respect your privacy, we established WhatsApp to have as little information as possible about you. We will continue our partnership with Facebook by continuing to work independently. Our core values ​​and beliefs will not change. ” He made statements in the form.

At the end of the second year after these statements, WhatsApp terms of use started to share data with Facebook by default. This 2016 announcement was based on greater coordination with Facebook, monitoring key metrics of how often users use the services, and combating spam on WhatsApp. However, this supposed data sharing was left to the initiative of the users at that time and a period of 30 days was given to deny this data sharing.

As of today, WhatsApp users started receiving in-app notifications regarding the new terms of service and privacy policy. This notification received conveys some information on how WhatsApp will process data. WhatsApp, which defends that it will share data with Facebook in order to better provide personalized services, requires its users to accept these changing service terms as long as they want to use the application.


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