Facebook warned! Millions of users are at risk


Facebook has warned its users with a statement: dozens of malicious mobile apps threaten personal information.

Meta warned Facebook users. According to the company’s statement, dozens of malicious mobile applications penetrate users’ phones through the Google Play Store and App Store. The researchers claim that Facebook user credentials can be stolen through these applications.

Facebook users’ Personal Information is at risk

According to the study, these apps can easily access users’ personal information. It is claimed that more than 1 million people are at risk because of these apps. In total, the company shared the names of more than 400 applications. Although there are 50 such apps in the App Store, it is stated that all of them have been removed from the store.

Meta showed that among the applications listed in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it hides behind photo editors, games, VPN services, business applications and other utilities.

While photo editing apps make up the majority of the published list, the number of games, flashlight apps and VPN apps is also significant. Most of these apps are on Android.

Meta states that users downloading apps should remove them from their phones as soon as possible and change their Facebook passwords. The company also recommends enabling two-factor authentication and enabling login alerts to receive notifications when accessing your account. According to the company’s estimates, more than a million users may become victims of fake applications.

Affected users could receive an email from Facebook warning of potential dangers. However, it is useful to remind you once again that everyone who downloaded one of the applications mentioned in the list should immediately change their password.

Applications are shown as dangerous

1555651942 Advertising optimization in FB
1561642325 Business Manager ADS
1563142182 Advertising Analytics
1564091908 Advertising optimization on FB
1566705026 FB Analytics
1566706023 Community Advertising FB
1574530186 Ads AI Optimize
1587056055 Very Business Manager
1591775710 FB Support Service for Business
1593368297 Facebook Ads
1596775769 Meta Optimizer
1597553589 Business Manager Pages
1598946098 Advertising Manager
1600072709 Meta Advertising Manager
1600404846 Meta-optimization of the name
1601275530 Page Manager FB
1602637866 Ads for Business
16032555418 Meta Business
1603571287 Business Package Manager
1604086670 The cost of advertising in FB
1607057895 Ads Business Suite
1608743187 Business Advertising Watch
1609915932 Ads and pages
1610859814 Business Suite
1610944161 Business and advertising
1612196202 Business Manager Review
1613983385 Business Suite Ads
1619733733 Page Package Manager
1622402517 Business Meta Support
1623362126 Page Manager Package
1625368035 Business Meta Pages
1626632781 Ads Business Suite
1626692617 Knowledge of advertising business
1629919774 Page Suite Managers
1631778308 Set of managers pages
1632069527 Advertising for business
1632606219 Page Manager Package
1633012933 Optimized Business Suite
1633016482 Business Manager Package
1633078757 Business Suite Managers
1633828994 Advertising Manager
1635045234 Advertising Business package
1635301567 Business Manager Pages
1635555183 Business Advertising Manager
1636196931 Advertising Manager Package
1636825108 Business Manager Pages
1639572841 Package for advertising and business

There are many more apps in the list, you can click here to view the rest of the list. So, what do you think about this? You can share your opinion with us in the comments section.


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