Facebook wants Messenger to be the solution on iOS


Facebook wants iOS users to be able to use Messenger as their default messaging app. According to The Information, the social media giant has been trying to convince Apple for this for years. Apple’s permission to change the default internet browser and e-mail application with iOS 14, Facebook’s request was also on the agenda again.

Speaking to The Information, Facebook’s vice president Stan Chudnovsky said, “We want people to be able to set a different messaging app on their phones as the default option. Today, everything is progressing in this direction ”.

It can be said that Messenger is not the best choice as the main messaging application. However, it would not be wrong to say that offering users the ability to change the default solution will make those who want “freedom of choice” happy.

On Android, users have been able to change the default messaging app for a long time. Apple is unlikely to offer this kind of flexibility. The company’s Messages app is still one of the main reasons why many people buy an Apple-branded device. While Apple boasts of its privacy policies, it also places a special emphasis on encrypted messages.

However, not responding positively to the request made by Facebook may further fuel the claim of “monopolistic behavior” towards Apple. The Cupertino-based company is currently facing fierce backlash and official investigations over App Store fees.

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