Facebook vs iOS 14: Predicting massive losses


Facebook released a note today showing great concern about the arrival of iOS 14. The reason? The tracking lock present in the new version of Apple’s system does not allow the social network to simply collect user data without asking for permission.

At the end of July, Facebook had already shown great concern with the function and today it showed some numbers involving tests carried out by its engineers. The results point to a 50% drop in revenue from developers and publishers of the social network when ad customization is disabled on iOS 14.

This should severely hamper the Audience Network, which tracks users’ cell phone browsing and use to target more relevant ads, which is good, but at the same time generates a lot of suspicion about privacy, the main reason for Apple to include the new feature on your system.

But according to Facebook it’s not just that:

“In reality, the impact for the Audience Network on iOS 14 can be much greater, so we are working on short and long-term strategies to support publishers through these changes. We understand that iOS 14 will hurt many of our developers and publishers in an already difficult time for companies. ”

In fact, Facebook’s great concern revolves around the relevance of its ads, in a note it says:

“As a result, some iOS 14 users may not see any ads from Audience Network, while others may still see ads from us, but they will be less relevant.”

According to Facebook, this can be highly damaging to small businesses as well, which rely on Audience Network for their livelihood. Putting it in numbers, the network claims that in 2019 it handled billions of dollars and currently has partnerships with more than 19,000 developers from around the planet.

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Finally, Facebook says it will try to adapt the Audience Network SDK to work as well as possible on iOS 14, although there is still no specific announcement date for it, and it should update it as soon as it is released. However, this does not reduce our concern about the information collected, as the social network was even fined in 2019 for leaking user data.


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