Facebook: Voice and Video Calls Return To Main App


Facebook has confirmed that it will bring back the voice and video calling option to the social network’s flagship app for mobile devices. Previously, the company separated the features, which became exclusive to Facebook Messenger.

According to the information, big tech will launch the functions on an experimental basis in the social network application. Apparently, the change is part of a plan to simplify calling without having to open Messenger separately.

Despite the callback feature, the company does not guarantee that all functionality will be available. A spokesperson said users should continue using Messenger to “get a full experience”.

Integration between platforms

For a year now, Facebook has been trying to merge the messages from its application package. In September 2020, the company enabled for the first time the integration between Instagram and Messenger, preventing people from having to install two apps.

Rumors point out that WhatsApp can also be added to the union of platform messages. In April of this year, hints of a possible association were found in the source code for Android messengers.


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