Facebook Verifies Fake Elon Musk Page As Official


Billionaire Elon Musk is known to be an active public person on social media and has even used it to “play” with the cryptocurrency market. They recently discovered a verified executive’s Facebook page — however, although it looks official, it’s fan-fed and nothing real.

It is important to mention that the page does not pass as Musk and is even mentioned in the “about” section that it was created by fans. The problem is that the account name is Elon Musk and it already has more than 153,000 followers — when it is identified as verified, hundreds of thousands of users may have followed the page by mistake and this is a violation of the rules of the social network.

Unofficial verification

“Musk owns a Tesla Roadster 0001 car (the first off the production line) from Tesla Motors, a company in which he is an early investor. The Roadster is a battery-powered electric sports car with a range of 220 miles.” published in the “about” section of the page in question.

According to information from Facebook, the page was originally created in July 2019 to promote footballer Gavin Kizito. Since then, the account has been renamed a few times and has recently been renamed to ‘Elon Musk‘ — and if you look at the link, you can see the name “ElonMuskoffic”, which isn’t official at all.

The verification on Facebook is not carried out by a simple process and there is no information on how those responsible for the page obtained the seal. Twitter has also experienced similar problems and in 2017 it paused the verification program to restart it only in 2021.