Facebook Tries to Fight Increased User Traffic Due to Coronary Virus


Facebook saw a huge increase in the use of its apps after people closed home due to the coronavirus outbreak. The social media giant takes precautions against the problems this increase may bring.

Facebook explained that as the number of people quarantined due to coronavirus increases, the use of its services has increased significantly. These increases greatly affect the services Facebook does not make money on. The company states that their income was affected due to countries taking strict measures against advertising after the epidemic.

The social media giant says that since the coronavirus outbreak began in Italy, its applications have experienced a 70% increase in usage time. Facebook Live and Instagram views have increased, and people are doing more group calls than ever before. A similar increase is observed in the use of Messenger and WhatsApp in other infected countries.

Facebook is having trouble coping with increasing user traffic during this period, when most of its employees work from home. Sudden increases in application use required steps to make Facebook’s systems more efficient, to cut Instagram and Facebook bit rates in some countries and to ensure stable operation of services.

Social media is important for people to stay in touch and work remotely. Facebook also introduced the COVID-19 Information Center to help inform people about the coronavirus. On the other hand, the World Health Organization uses WhatsApp bot to prevent the spread of false information. As many people turn to digital platforms in the quarantine process, there has been a huge increase in online service traffic. Many video streaming services have also taken measures due to an increase in user traffic.


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